Central Government has outlined that local authorities must ‘transform’ to enable better services to be delivered to the public at lower costs.  The primary way of achieving this is through the cost-effective use of technology; the problem as always is that there is too much choice, too much data and not enough information.

Government Technology News has been designed to enable local authorities to better understand what technology will work for them. Technology affects everyone in the public sector, whether we like it or not. Changes to working practice combined with Government targets demand an ongoing refinement to areas such as communication methods, the way we secure data and the general development of IT solutions.

Government Technology News will initially be a monthly newsletter; it will be limited to 5 articles or less, this will enable reasonable focus on each article whilst allowing the recipient to easily scan the mail within a few minutes.

Each article will be sponsored by a partner, however the article must not be overtly commercial, as the newsletter is designed to advise, educate and inform, the information must consist of a relevant Case Study, product information, sector information or indeed profiles of solutions that would directly benefit the Public Sector.